Entrepreneurial Support Division

Everyone needs a network of people they can turn to. For entrepreneurs especially; these support networks can make the difference between feeling alone and vulnerable to being 100% comfortable in the knowledge and trust of an experienced and well connected adviser who will guide you in the right direction to help grow your business. 

We have identified a specific need to have a team of qualified and experienced business advisers that can devote their energy and attention to our entrepreneurial clients –

This is our Entrepreneurial Support Division

We have coordinated a team a team of passionate, talented, and committed individuals who demonstrate the positive role of entrepreneurship in business. They will support, encourage, and guide our clients to take all the steps necessary to build their own successful businesses.  

Key Traits and Goals of our Support Team: 

  • Extremely passionate about assisting business owners to take their business to the next level or help to achieve their or the owners business or lifestyle goals;
  • Have the knowledge and experience to support businesses on their life journey and be able to assist as they pass through each growth cycle;
  • Focused on understanding the needs of entrepreneurs and understand that our role includes providing a sounding board; and where needed a prompt word of caution; but not to bog them down with red tape requirements.  We try to help them identify what is important to grow their business and give them the tools, knowledge and freedom to do so.
  • We try to be constantly engaged with our clients; that way we should be able to help identity potential issues or opportunities for them earlier and suggest strategies or improvements that result in smarter outcomes.

Walsh Accountants Entrepreneurial Support Division was created to enable entrepreneurs to build and grow successful businesses having access to all the right connections, tools, programs, advice and support they require. 

After a long period of static activity, it is fantastic to see confidence in the Gold Coast Business community coming back again. Along with this confidence comes business establishment, growth, and expansion and we're very excited to be at the forefront of this emerging trend proactively assisting entrepreneurs when they need us most.  

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We aim to be a company that engages proactively with clients and evolves as they do.


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Entrepreneurial Support Division

A hand picked team of qualified and experienced business advisors committed to taking your business to the next level.