They say it takes one man to make a difference. In this story; that man is Leigh Bernhardt

Whilst on holidays in 2015, Leigh and his wife Sandra were visiting a remote village in Fiji. The tour of the village included a walk through the church which was also used by the village people as their meeting hall. 

Leigh and Sandra were shocked with the state of disrepair of the Church. It has been damaged during the recent bad weather and the villages did not have the funds to be able to fix it. In particular, the floor boards were water damaged and with the tourists walking through, the situation was steadily getting worse.

So touched by their situation, upon returning to Australia Leigh and Sandra established the Toga Village Restoration Fund and began seeking donations so they could  fix the Church floor. Walsh Accountants was very happy to contribute to the project. 

December 2016 the restoration project was complete! Leigh has said that it has made such a huge difference to the Village. 

Leigh, we are so inspired by your humility and your fundraising efforts. Thank you for asking our firm to contribute to this very worthy cause.

Pictures of the finished project...