Bernard Salt of KPMG has undertaken an analysis of the historical trends of the Gold Coast
including population, migration and dwellings. The report focuses on investment and development, education, health, tourism and visitation, retail, economic development, creative arts and culture, and technology and innovation.

An analysis of key strategies developed by the City of Gold Coast has been undertaken and complied the a report – link below.

Beyond the Horizon - Full Report

Tom's Thoughts:

 The report gives a great snapshot as a city about where we've come from and what the Gold Coast is likely to look like in the years to come from the perspective of population, demographics as well future education, health and service needs. Most importantly for local businesses it helps to identify where the opportunities lie. 

Some of the highlights I took from this report are:


  • By 2031 population of the Gold Coast is expected to rise to 930,000 people.  That means within and within a 3 hour radius of the Gold Coast there will be 4.5 million people.
  • By 2050 eight of the twenty largest cities in Australia will be in QLD – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Toowoomba, Cairns, Mackay and Rockhampton.
  • By 2050 the Gold Coast will need triple the number of medical practitioners that is currently has to service the population.
  • By country, China has now eclipsed New Zealand as the Gold Coasts largest source of international tourists by number of visitors.
  • At any one time 9% of the population of the Gold Coast are visitors
  • The local Unemployment rate currently sits at 6% - below the National average
  • As the city grows, the historical large variances we have experienced between high and low economic activity should become narrower and in line with the national figures. 
  • The proportion of the workforce that own their own business on the Gold Coast is 20% - compared to the National average of 15%. It is clear that we have an Entrepreneurial community which will continue to generate new business opportunities 

Given the lifestyle opportunities that the Gold Coast presents, it is inevitable that the city will continue to grow. This will provide an abundance of opportunity for innovative entrepreneurs and local business people who through their vision and hard work have helped to shape the city and will continue to share in its growth.

It goes without saying that this growth and expansion won't come without its challenges as we all seek to protect the lifestyle that makes this city so special to each and every one of us while also facilitating sustainable growth. Whilst the report highlights some of these challenges, such as transport infrastructure, it does not provide the solutions.