Estate Planning

Walsh & Walsh invest a large amount of resources and time in developing long-term relationships with our clients. An important consideration when planning for the future (that is often overlooked) are the tax consequences when assets or death benefits pass to beneficiaries. We want to ensure that when the inevitable does happen, your family members will not be placed with unnecessary tax burdens.

Additionally, we are finding that many clients with blended families have not addressed issues such as who controls the business assets and how these and superannuation death benefits will be passed on. Many are unaware these items actually sit outside of your basic will and the tax implications associated with the transfer of these benefits.

There are a large number of issues to consider when putting together an estate plan. This has been made even more complex by regulation and the litigious society we live in. Walsh & Walsh, in conjunction with our network of associated experts and/or your advisors, consider all of these issues and will provide you with a roadmap to follow to ensure an optimal outcome.

Services we offer:

  • Full review of your current situation and objectives that need to be achieved within your estate plan. 
  • Working with your legal advisors to achieve the desired outcomes 
  • Asset valuations 
  • Advice in relation to SMSF, Testamentary Trusts, Binding Death Benefits 
  • Asset protection 
  • Compliance work in relation to your Estate distributions

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