Management Rights

Management Rights operators trade in a complex and demanding arena. As a result they require professionals that understand their unique pressures and requirements. At Walsh & Walsh we have experience with a wide range of management rights and are committed to providing specialised services to this industry.

Our understanding of the issues and needs relating to management rights, coupled with our personal service and professional approach, gives our clients an added advantage in progressing and growing their business.

Our commitment to keeping up to date with industry related issues within management rights and our network of professional contacts ensures our provision of specialist advice and services to management rights operators is of the highest quality.

Issues and Challenges
The ever increasing litigious nature of our society, combined with complex tax legislation, makes structuring your business correctly a vital aspect when looking at purchasing a management rights business. Ensuring maximum asset protection and minimum exposure to personal liability in conjunction with the most efficient tax outcome is a critical component of our service offering. We pride ourselves on providing structuring advice that is relevant to your individual circumstances and not unduly complex.

Many management rights operators have very little spare time to commit to setting in place a plan for their budgeting and cash flow needs. If tax is not withheld on income as it is earned, or set aside to pay a later tax liability, tax owing at the end of a financial year may not be expected and can result in cash flow issues. We understand the importance of planning and budgeting for your tax and other liabilities and are able to assist you in this regard.

Services and Expertise
Our experience includes providing services to management rights operators in all areas of the industry including permanent complexes, holiday apartments, and multi-complex corporates. We are able to advise on all facets of your business to ensure ease of compliance and attendance to the following:

  • Structuring for asset protection and tax minimisation 
  • Trust account auditing 
  • Due Diligence 
  • Valuations for sale purposes 
  • Budgeting and cashflow planning 
  • Assistance with all accounting and income tax matters 
  • Strategic financial assistance including planning for expansion, succession, and sale

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