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Business Valuations

may be required for a range of different reasons

No matter the reason, the team at Walsh Accountants is here to help. Our accounting specialists are fully qualified and experienced to provide prompt, professional business valuation services for clients from a broad range of industries.

We can prepare profit and loss information or valuation for a business sale, insurance purposes, succession planning, taxation requirements, family estate planning, selling a share in a business or any other requirement. Contact us today to speak to our profit and loss specialists and book a consultation to find out what your business is really worth.

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What we look at

During your business valuation, our accounting team will examine the health of your business by inspecting your financial records to see how profit and loss is tracking. As part of the process, we will consider such things as:

  • Is your business making a profit?
  • Is there sufficient cashflow to support business operations?
  • Has profit been growing, decreasing or static over the years?
  • What liabilities does the business have?
  • What is your annual turnover?
  • What is the market value of your business assets?
  • What are your employee pay rates?
  • What lease agreements does the business have?

We may also consider the market conditions by assessing the current state of your industry, researching your competitors and determining your competitive advantage.

Our business valuation is fully confidential and will be conducted with minimal disruption to your daily operations. We provide a high quality, cost-effective solution for business owners to get an accurate insight into the financial performance of your business.

Benefits of our Business Valuation Service

An appraisal or valuation provides business owners with an array of helpful insights, including:
  • Figures regarding the actual worth of your business in terms of income, assets and market positioning
  • An understanding of your company’s re-sale value
  • Access to more investors
  • Assistance with partner dissolution
  • Better positioning if applying for a loan
  • Identification of the key drivers within the business
For affordable and efficient business valuation services, contact the team at Walsh Accountants today.
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