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Due Diligence on Business Purchase

one of your most important financial decisions you can make

Choosing to purchase a business is one of your most important financial decisions you can make so it is important to partner with a team who understand this and are focused on supporting you through the process.

If you’re considering buying an established business, it’s essential that you examine the business in detail before the purchase is finalised. A due diligence is the process whereby you and your advisers review the business to provide better comfort that the business you have contracted to purchase is as it has been represented.

The information to be reviewed is dependent on your requirements and needs. The range of information that can be verified includes:

  • Sales figures for accuracy
  • Expenses reported by the business
  • Employment costs and entitlements
  • Customer analysis
  • Historical profitability
  • Forward budgets and cash flow projections

Our focused and tailored approach enables us to rapidly identify and understand potential deal breakers, value drivers, and other areas of specific interest to our clients. If there’s something in particular you have concerns about, let us know and we will happily investigate the matter on your behalf.

Why due diligence is important when purchasing a business

There is no compulsion to undertake a professional due diligence. However, when considering the financial investment and risk that comes with buying a business, it would be reckless not to perform some verification processes.

The due diligence process can be the difference between buying a successful business that makes money and buying a business that costs you money. Our due diligence process will also help to alleviate any concerns you may have so you can proceed with the purchase with confidence.

If you’re buying a business and need assistance with your Due Diligence, contact the team at Walsh Accountants today to make sure your future is in good hands.

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